Download our songs on iTunes
download from iTunes
Full versions of songs are available for download on iTunes. Click on the iTunes logo on your left, or on the bottom of every page to be taken to the iTunes site.

Shortened versions of songs are available for download after subscription, with the exception of “The Heart and Mind”. This track can be downloaded in its full length! If you didn’t subscribe yet, please navigate to the “Log In” section on our homepage to start the short subscription process. It will take just a few minutes. All downloads are in MP3, 128 kbps format.

For professional use, such as A&R and re-recording review, broadcasting and professional DJ purposes, we kindly ask you to contact us. We’re more than willing to send you a full, high quality version of the songs on this website, for free of course.

If we receive a serious request for re-recording one of our songs, this specific song will be removed from the website. If there is no interest for a song it will be made available in iTunes.

To showcase our versatility, we are currently mixing ballads and mid-tempo melodies. These tracks will show more of our funky, pop and electronic influences. A selection of these songs will be streamed on the website in future. Unfortunately it takes us time to deliver proper mixes; we’re songwriters, no sound engineers. Sound engineers/producers willing to collaborate on high class soul and pop tunes are strongly encouraged to contact us.